Tindall Riley & Co. Ltd has joined ClimateWise, a growing collaboration of leading international insurance organisations responding to climate change, as we continue to develop and build sustainability capability across our organisation.

Tindall Riley manages three insurance businesses: the Britannia Group, a mutual insurance association providing liability insurance for ship owners, and the Griffin and Wren Insurance Associations, mutual insurance associations providing professional indemnity insurance for insurance intermediaries and architects respectively.

ClimateWise was established by the insurance industry in 2007 and is facilitated by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Its purpose is to actively support the insurance industry as it responds to the risks and opportunities of climate change. As part of this purpose, ClimateWise facilitates research to inform an industry-wide response and assesses individual member activities in line with the ClimateWise Principles.

Tindall Riley is committed to addressing ESG challenges and has undertaken a number of initiatives across its locations to reduce its environmental impact including recycling and moving to more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly office facilities. As part of its approach to ESG, Tindall Riley also supports a wide range of charities, as well as employee volunteering and fundraising activities, in the local communities where it operates around the world.

Andrew Cutler, CEO of Tindall Riley, has joined the ClimateWise Insurance Advisory Council. The Council is a group of C-suite executives drawn from across ClimateWise’s global membership base, which commissions impact research into ways the insurance industry can support the zero carbon, climate-resilient transition.

“Tindall Riley is delighted to have joined ClimateWise and we look forward to being active members, whilst contributing to the insurance industry’s response to the major and urgent challenges posed to society by climate change.  Our membership of this important collaboration reaffirms Tindall Riley’s commitment to sustainability”, said Andrew Cutler, CEO, Tindall Riley.

“ClimateWise continues to expand and diversify its membership and we look forward to working with our newest member, Tindall Riley, as part of this global insurance industry initiative committed to advancing the industry’s response to the challenges of climate change”, said Sid Miller, Director of ClimateWise, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.


Neil Smith, Head of Communications, Tindall Riley: 07741 800 420

More Information

For more information visit the ClimateWise website.